May 28th, 1937 - Chamberlain becomes British Prime Minister


May 28th, 1937: In the UK, the Conservative Arthur Neville Chamberlain is elected British prime minister. Chamberlain, seen here after his retirement in May 1940, tried to use his "appeasement policy" with the Third Reich to come to a peaceful understanding and visited Germany several times during his tenure. His conciliatory attitude toward Hitler, particularly in regards to the annexation of the Sudetenland and the German invasion of Czechoslovakia 1938/39 earned him not only criticism in his own country, but by the Nazi government as well. Tauntingly described by Hitler as an "umbrella politician", he could not uphold his moderate stance towards Germany after the outbreak of World War II and was replaced as a result of the occupation of Norway in April 1940 by Winston Churchill.

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