June 29th, 1941 - Hermann Goering, is named Hitlers successor '


June 29th, 1941: Reich Marshal Hermann Goering, seen here at a birthday party, is named by decree of Adolf Hitler as his successor in the event of death. For the former fighter pilot from World War I, who as chief of the Air Force had been majorly discredited because of the lost Battle of Britain, this was quite the promotion. Goering, who had to stand trial after the war, including for participation in the genocide of European Jews, the establishment of concentration camps and crimes of the Gestapo, was one of the dictator’s first comrades and together they formed the first Nazi-cabinet in January 1933. Despite his many political failures, Hitler stood by Goering almost until the very end. It wasn’t until Goring escaped from Berlin in April 1945, that the dictator issued a new political testament, stripping his former colleague of all responsibilities and expelling him from the Nazi Party.

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