September 4th, 1947 – Riots of Muslims and Hindus


In 1947, Mahatma Gandhi leads India non-violently into independence from the British Empire. But the foundation of the nation is bleeding. In order to avoid escalation of old issues between Hindus and Muslims, the dismissal of the subcontinent from colonial possession takes place on the basis of a two-state solution, resulting in the division into two states, India and Pakistan. But it was exactly the implementation of this plan that caused the conflicts between the two religious groups to break out with full force on September 4th, 1947. It leads to massacres and expulsions on both sides. For many years, the subcontinent is in a state of unrest. Up until 1963 more than 7 million Muslims have fled from India to Pakistan, over 5 million Hindus heading the opposite direction to India. Up to three quarters of a million people are killed during these refugee movements.

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