September 12th, 1949 - Theodor Heuss is elected Germanys first Federal President


On September 12th, 1949 Germanys first Federal Parliament assembles in Bonn to elect the first federal president. Half the members are of the Bundestag the other half is made up of members of state parliament. Up for election are Theodor Heuss of the FDP who is also supported by the CDU and Kurt Schumacher of the SPD. Individual representatives conduct a roll-call vote (original sound bite). The second round of voting brings a decision. (original sound bite). Theodor Heuss is sworn in. The newly elected president drives through a wildly cheering crowd. Bonn cycling clubs escort the new president to the Bonn City Hall. A choral is sung instead of the still non-existent National Anthem. Then Heuss delivers his first speech (original sound bite).

Länge: 00:02:00 | O-Ton: ja | Farbe: s/w | Jahr: 1949 | Clip-ID: JHT000338E




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