August 14th, 1949 - Elections for the first German Bundestag


On August 14th, 1949 elections to the first German Bundestag were held. A large number of parties as well as independents competed to be elected. The seats were distributed nationally. The five-percent threshold was only valid at state level. Thus, a party only needed to pass the hurdle in one state in order to get into the Bundestag. Therefore, 10 parties were represented in the first Bundestag. However, already back then the current three-party system became apparent: CDU / CSU and SPD each got about 30% of the vote, the FDP 12%. From a political standpoint, the high voter turnout of 78% was also viewed as the populations support for the Constitution and the new state. On September 7th, 1949 the newly formed Bundestag met together for the first time. Headquarters were in Bonn, located in the building of the former Pedagogic Academy, built in the Bauhaus style. CDU-delegate Konrad Adenauer was elected by a coalition of CDU / CSU, FDP and the German Party (Deutsche Partei).

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