January 20th, 1942 - Wannsee-Conference


On January 20th, 1942, at the invitation of the Chief of Security Police and SD, SS-group leader Reinhard Heydrich, a conference was held at a mansion on the Wannsee lake in Berlin. The goal was to organize the so-called "final solution of the Jewish question". In July 1941, Hermann Goering had appointed Heydrich. The Holocaust through mass executions of Jews, was already under way in the German-occupied areas of Eastern Europe. It was now about systematization, cost and efficiency. Participants at the conference consisted of state secretaries from different ministries, senior officials of the police, the Gestapo and SS, among them were also nine licensed lawyers. The conference was overseen by SS-leader Adolf Eichmann, Heydrichs consultant for "Jewish affairs". Result of the Wannsee Conference was a plan to deport the entire Jewish population of Europe to extermination camps in the East. The participants set a time-line for the additional mass killings and designated the groups of victims in more detail. Jews were to be deported from the West to the East. Through forced labor and deprivation death was to be accelerated while in transit. Those who survived would be killed by mass executions or in concentration camps.

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