December 26th, 1893 - Mao is born


On December 26th, 1893 Mao Zedong, the future leader of China, was born as the eldest son to a peasant family in the central Chinese province of Hunan.. In 1918, through the help of his teacher, he became an assistant librarian at Beijing University. He came into contact with Li Dazhao, one of the most important early Chinese Marxists and co-founder of the Communist Party of China. In 1927 the civil war between Chinese Communists and the national Chinese Kuomintang under Chiang Kai broke out. Mao fought alongside the communists. Already at that time, Mao began murdering and intimidating his opponents and the local population by so-called "cleansing" operations. In 1934, the pressure of the Kuomintang became so strong, that the Communist troops moved into the province of Shaanxi in what became to be known as the Long March, constantly on the run from. and in fear of, hostile forces of the Kuomintang, or local warlords. During the Long March, Mao fought his way up to leader of the Communist Party of China. Meanwhile, Japan had invaded China. After Japan’s surrender in 1945, the fighting between the Communists and the Kuomintang broke out again. The Communists had gained in strength. In 1949 Mao announces the Peoples Republic of China in Beijing. The Koumintang retreated to Taiwan. '

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