July 27th, 1980 – The last Shah of Persia dies


On July 27th, 1980 the last Shah of Persia died in Cairo. Nationally the Shah had always faced strong oppositions, on the one hand, the conservative Shiite clergy, on the other left-wing groups. He brutally crushed this opposition by the secret service agency SAVAK. On June 2nd, 1967 the Shah comes to West Berlin on a state visit, which was accompanied by heavy protests. Undisturbed, so-called "Persian thugs" beat left-wing demonstrators who were protesting against the authoritarian regime. In these demonstrations, the student Benno Ohnesorg was shot and killed by policeman Karl-Heinz Kurras, which helped spawn left-wing terrorism in Germany. On October 26th, 1967 Mohammad Reza Shah was solemnly crowned king. He wanted not only himself but also his wife, Farah Pahlavi to be crowned as well. For the first time in the 2,500-year history of Iranian monarchy, a woman was to be able to govern as viceroy. The crowning of Farah was intended to honor all Iranian women in their achievements of shaping the country. Their position in Iranian society should be equal to those of men. With the oil crisis of 1973, increased oil prices ensured a rapid increase in oil revenues for Iran. The proceeds were used in part to develop the economy, but a large part went to military armament. By the end of the 1970s the growing internal tensions and opposition from religious and leftist groups against the Shah increased. With the words "Im tired and I need a break" Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi left Tehran airport and the country forever on January 16th 1979.

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