December 27th, 1934 – Persia renamed Iran


On December 27th, 1934, the ruling Shah Reza Pahlavi announces the renaming of the country from "Persia" to "Iran." The term "Persia" is the older one. It dates back to the 2nd Century BCE when Indo-Iranian tribes conquered their central settlement areas, which was named Pars after its natives. After the conquest by Muslim Arabs "Pars" turned into the new-Persian language "Faarsi". In the inscriptions of Dariush around 500BC, the name "Lyra" describes the term "nation". Derived from this is the word "Eran-Shahr" (realm of Arya) in the Persian language. The renaming of the country is part of Reza Shah Pahlavi’s large-scale political strategy to tie the country closer to Western culture. Without regard for the primarily Muslim population the Shah pushes Islam culture out of all walks of life in Iran. His great political role model is the founder of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

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