March 28th, 1935 - Premiere of the Nazi propaganda film


On March 28th, 1935, the premiere of Leni Riefenstahl’s film "Triumph of the Will" takes place in the presence of Hitler at the Berlin Ufa Palast. Commissioned by the Nazi Party, the director propagandistically portrays the Nazi Reich Party Congress in 1934 Nuremberg. Through her images filmed with great technical effort, she inflates Hitler as a leader figure and suggests a unity of party, people and führer. In reality, the National Socialists were just in the process of forcefully achieving this unity by using terror and violence on the German people. To this day "Triumph of the Will" remains a lesson in film propaganda.

Länge: 00:00:53 | O-Ton: nein | Farbe: ja | Jahr: 1935 | Clip-ID: JHT000360E


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