December 30th, 1922 – Foundation of the USSR


After the October Revolution and the takeover by the Bolsheviks in Russia, a civil war with the deposed nobility and its followers, broke out in the Ukraine, Belarus and the Caucasus. This resulted in chaos and hunger among the population, but in 1920 the Bolsheviks were victorious in all four countries. On December 30th, 1922 the four countries joined together to form the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), which initially led to consolidation and pacification of the gigantic empire. Through the terror of the Stalin era, the USSR, held together by force and brutality, achieved status of world power. This occurred after the victory in World War II, and then continued into the Cold War and a competition of technology, which the USSR eventually lost and was forced to give up. In 1991 the USSR, once again, turned into sovereign partial republics.

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