April 5th, 1955 – Resignation - Churchill resigns as Prime Minister


On April 5th, 1955 Winston Churchill resigns after his second term as British prime minister, seen here at the start of his first term in 1939. He had suffered yet another stroke in 1953 and was urged by his party colleagues to resign. Churchill had reached his zenith during his first term with the surrender of Germany in 1945. (original sound bite) In 1940 it was he who had called for unconditionally opposing the expanding German Reich under Hitler. Together with Stalin and Roosevelt he had organized the resistance at several conferences. After 1945, he consistently fought against the Soviet expansion-policy (original sound bite speech: "Iron Curtain"). Churchills second term from 1951 to 1955 was characterized by Britain's withdrawal-battles as a world power. In 1951 for example the Iranian Parliament had decided at the initiative of Prime Minister Mossadegh to nationalize its oil industry which is under British control. Churchill called for and supported the actions of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency which led to Mossadegh’s downfall. After his resignation Churchill lived withdrawn from the public eye. He died in 1965 at the age of 91. He was honored with an act of state at the Saint Paul's Cathedral and buried in the tomb of his family in Woodstock.

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