December 15th, 1961 - Adolf Eichmann sentenced to death


On December 15th, 1961, the Jerusalem District Court sentences the former SS-Obersturmbannführer Adolf Eichmann to death by hanging. Eichmann was the "expert for Jewish affairs" at the Reich Security Main Office He recorded the 1942 so-called Wannsee conference, with its aim of implementing a "Final Solution of the Jewish question". From Eichmanns office orders and commands were given about the deportation of European Jews to concentration and extermination camps. Even deportation train schedules for the Reichsbahn were prepared meticulously. Eichmann himself visited the concentration camps on several occasions. After the Second World War Eichmann fled to Argentina where he lived with papers falsifying his identity. On May 11th 1960 he was abducted by Israeli agents in Buenos Aires and taken to Israel. The political scientist Hannah Arendt monitored the trial. She describes the startling difference between the correct bureaucratic procedures and the extent of the crime as "the banality of evil".

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