July 25th, 1949 - Thomas Mann receives the Goethe Prize of Frankfurt


On July 25th, 1949 Thomas Mann was awarded the Goethe Prize of Frankfurt, Germany. Here, the ceremony a year earlier with writer Fritz von Unruh in Frankfurts St. Paul Church. The professional standards of the city read: " The Goethe prize may be awarded to a known person who due to his or her work has already achieved recognition and is worthy of the memory of Goethe.” In 1949 it was Goethe’s 200th birthday. Therefore it was a special honor for Thomas Mann to get the award this year. Thomas Mann spoke on the subject of "Goethe and democracy." Thomas Mann still lived in the U.S. at that time where he was driven to exile to by the Nazis. The prize was also intended as a gesture of reconciliation.

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