May 29th, 1917 – John F. Kennedy is born


On May 29th, 1917 John F. Kennedy was born. In 1961, at age 43 he was elected President and became the youngest elected President in history. His family life with his wife Jacqueline Jackie Bouvier and his children were politically exploited for PR purposes. The White House at the time, seemed like the royal court of the Democrats. The focus of the debate was foreign policy with the Soviet Union. In 1961 Kennedy met the Soviet leader Khrushchev in Vienna. Disarmament talks were fruitless. At least a so-called “red phone” is established as a direct wire between Washington and Moscow, to allow for faster communication between the two governments in future crisis situations. This was supposed to prevent a nuclear war. In 1963 an agreement to stop above-ground nuclear testing was signed. Underground tests, however, were still allowed. Kennedy saw communistic Cuba, which had the support of the Soviet Union, as a specific threat in America’s front yard. In 1961, a CIA-backed invasion of Cuba by Cuban exiles in the Bay of Pigs failed. This led to the stationing of Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba and the Cuban missile crisis. After massive pressure from the U.S., the Soviet Union withdraws. West Berlin was a regular bone of contention between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. Khrushchev wanted the withdrawal of the Western Allies and West Berlin as a neutral city. On the 15th anniversary of the U.S. air lift, Kennedy visited West Berlin, pledging U.S. support as a protective power to the city with his famous phrase, (original sound bite). Kennedy stepped up the militarys involvement in Vietnam by increasing military aid to South Vietnam and increasing the number of so-called "military advisors" from 700 to about 16000. He also ordered helicopters armored vehicles bombers and artillery to Vietnam in late 1961 and agreed to the use of napalm and defoliants. At the same time he estimated a withdrawal of troops by 1965. One focus of domestic policy was the abolition of racial segregation. In 1962 Kennedy sent military units to the University of Mississippi so that black student James Meredith could enroll there. In 1963 it became the last U.S. state to abolish racial segregation in education. Apart from that only a third of his proposed legislations were passed by Congress until his death.

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