June 6th 1944 - Landing in Normandy


June 6th 1944 : Allied invasion of Normandy. With the largest landing operation of World War II, in which both, American, British and Canadian units participated, a crucial breakthrough on the path to the occupation of Hitler Germany was accomplished. By the end of June 1944 6,000 ships had landed between Caen and Cherbourg, and had delivered more than 800,000 soldiers into battle. The operation cost many lives on both sides. Despite Hitlers infamous "Atlantic Wall" the Germans were fighting a hopeless battle which soon had to be abandoned due to the air superiority of the Allied forces. The invasion not only paved the way for the liberation of France but all the occupied countries of Western Europe. With the simultaneous advances of the Soviet Army in the East the days of the Third Reich were numbered. the days of the Third Reich were numbered.

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