March 6th 1984 - Martin Niemoller dies


On March 6th 1984 Martin Niemoller dies. The theologian remains active in the peace movement until his death. As co-initiator of the "Krefeld Appeal," he opposes a deployment of U.S. missiles in Central Europe. Already during the 50s the former submarine commander and volunteer army officer, fights the rearmament of the Federal Republic of Germany. His statement, to train a soldier today is “the high art of professional criminals" prompts the then Defense Minister Franz Josef Strauss to file a report against him in 1959. In 1945 Niemöller was one of those pastors who make the Declaration of Guilt of the Protestant Church under National Socialism in Stuttgart- and this despite the fact that the theologian himself, during the III. Reich, had decisively fought against the Nazis and the so-called "German Christians" who allied with them. Since 1933, he resists against the Nazi regime, first with the "Pastor Emergency Federation" then with the "Confessional Church". Niemöller was arrested in 1937, and freed from the concentration camp at Dachau, by American troops when the war ended in 1945.

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