August 26th, 1921 - Murder of Erzberger


On August 26th 1921 the German center politician Matthias Erzberger was downright executed by right wing radicals. He was the target of right wing hate mongering because he, on the request of Hindenburg, signed the cease-fire agreement on November 8th 1918 and had supported the Treaty of Versailles. The provisions of the Versailles peace were seen as a "disgrace". The dictated loss of territory, disarmament, reparations and articles regarding war guilt, were felt by many Germans as a humiliation. Not the leaders of the defunct empire, but the politicians of the young republic – like Friedrich Ebert shown here - were blamed and vilified. Democrats were disparaged - especially Social Democrats - in Parliament, in the media and on the street. Nationalists and anti-Semites didnt shy away from political assassinations: Matthias Erzberger also the first finance minister of the Weimar Republic was one of the victims. In 1922 Foreign Minister Walther Rathenau a man of Jewish descent was murdered.

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