November 23rd, 1923 – NSDAP banned


On November 23rd, 1923 the NSDAP was banned across the German Reich. It was a response to the Hitler Putsch in Munich on November 9th. Hitler had declared the national government as dissolved and planned a march on Berlin in Mussolini fashion. First, the Nazis marched to Feldherrnhalle and occupied the government buildings. Hitlers followers including the future main culprit of the Holocaust Heinrich Himmler believed that they had already seized power. But a few hundred members of the Bavarian police brought the coup attempt at Feldherrnhalle to an end. Hitler and others were arrested the Nazi Party was banned the entire party assets were confiscated and its offices closed. After his release in 1924 Hitler began with the reorganization of the Nazi party into a leader’s party with the goal of a legitimate transfer of power. In February 1925 the party was newly established.

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