October 6th, 1945 - Konrad Adenauer dismissed as mayor of Cologne


In 1933, the Nazis stripped Konrad Adenauer of his mayoral duties in Cologne, Germany. He had survived in so called "inner emigration". On May 4th, 1945 he was reinstated by the American occupation forces. Cologne was badly damaged. Adenauer focused much on reconstruction and urban planning. Shortly thereafter, Cologne became part of the British occupation zone. Conflicts arose that eventually led to the deposition of Adenauer on October 6th, 1945. In addition, he was banned from any political party activities and from entering the city of Cologne. But already in December 1945, Adenauer was rehabilitated by the British military government. Now he focuses on work for the party: on February 5th, 1946 the Rhineland CDU elected him state party leader. His rise continued: in 1948 he became chairman of the Parliamentary Council. In 1949, first Chancellor of the newly founded Federal Republic of Germany.

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