August 17th 1987 - Rudolf Hess commits suicide


On August 17th, 1987 Rudolf Hess committed suicide. Rudolf Hess was a member of the NSDAP since 1920. In 1923 he took part in the Hitler Putsch in Munich. Like Hitler, he received a mild sentence. The two were imprisoned in Landsberg am Lech. There, Hitler dictated his programmatic book "Mein Kampf" to him. After his release, Hess was one of Hitler’s closest associates, seen here at a Nazi Party meeting in1926. In 1933, Hitler appointed him as his deputy in the Nazi Party. Hess was especially active in party organization, amongst other things. He was an ardent propagator of the “Fuehrer Cult” (original sound bite on the Nazi Party). Hess had been a pilot since World War I and flew to Scotland himself in 1941, to start peace negotiations with England. Here, during an interrogation. The reasons for this endeavor remain unclear to this day. In 1946 he was arrested in Britain and brought before the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal. During his testimony, he appeared mentally unstable and confused. (original sound bite) He was sentenced to life in prison at the Berlin-Spandau prison for war criminals. There, he committed suicide in 1987 at the age of 93. In the neo-Nazi scene, he is still regarded as a martyr.

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