December 8th, 1980 - John Lennon shot dead


On the evening of December 8th, 1980 the entrance of the Dakota Building in New York City becomes the scene of a bloody crime. John Lennon, together with wife Yoko Ono, returned home at 10:48pm. As Lennon leaves the taxi, he is struck down with four shots. Lennons killer was quickly apprehended: Mark David Chapman. The former fan had developed a pathological hatred for his former idol after Lennon’s alleged blasphemous remarks killing the pop star in a religious frenzy. John Lennon died not only a legendary member of “The Beatles” who had a successful solo career together with Yoko Ono but a musician who with songs like "Give Peace a Chance" and "Imagine" combined melodies with humanitarian and political messages.

Länge: 00:01:01 | O-Ton: nein | Farbe: ja | Jahr: 1980 | Clip-ID: JHT000393E




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