August 15th, 1969 - Woodstock festival


August 15th, 1969: From all directions people flock to the fields of farmer Max Yasgur in White Lake near Bethel in the State of New York. Concert promoter Michael Lang and his team had committed 32 of the then-best-known musicians of folk, rock and blues. The idea of the open-air festival was born - Woodstock became the summit for the giants of pop music. More than a million people were on the road. Many got stuck in traffic jams and never reached the festival, while some jumped the roadblocks and celebrated without a ticket. Approximately 500,000 music fans were eventually gathered for three days in the meadows at Bethel, giving expression to the new lifestyle of young people, and despite heavy rains on the second day they were dancing to the music of Joan Baez, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Joe Cocker, The Grateful Dead, The Who and all other groups and artists, while smoking pot and making love. This feeling of "Love & Peace" influenced entire generations, making the legendary Woodstock synonymous today with a new spirit, flower power and a hippie movement that stood against the establishment. The festival was not a commercial success and the traffic chaos drove the cost of food and medical care way up, which organizers had to ensure from the air via helicopter. Only the festival film and the music album generated financial revenue for the organizers.

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