June 25th, 2009 - Michael Jackson dies


On June 25th, 2009 a message travels around the world and quickly spreads on the Internet as well: The "King of Pop" is dead! Michael Jackson had previously been transported from his residence to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center where he died of acute drug poisoning, the result of an overdose of the narcotic Propofol. Jacksons musical career started at the age of 5. At that time in 1965 he was a member of the newly founded "Jackson Five". Later he started a solo career and became one of the most successful musicians of his time and in history. As was the case with Elvis fans around the world fell into deep sorrow and despair after Jackson's death. Even as the first allegations of child molestation against Jackson became public in 1993 fans had always remained faithful to him. In 2009 Michael Jackson announced his comeback. On the evening of his death he had been rehearsing for his new show in London.

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