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BERLIN WALL Video Guide is a multimedia travel guide on the history of the Berlin Wall. More than 100 film documentaries are presented with original recordings of historic places that are related to the construction of the Wall and the life in the divided city. “Berlin Wall - Video Guide” is an interactive city guide. The user will be navigated.

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WHATWASHERE_Berlin is the first interactive historic Berlin city guide with actual historical film footage.  This app takes users on a journey into the past – clear across Berlin and the 20th century. The app focuses on more than 30 historical locations - including such famous sites as the Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie - but also a great number of other history-steeped sites scattered throughout the city.  A short, narrated documentary film that impressively highlights significant events – as well as ordinary life – by means of historical film sequences is dedicated to each of these historical locations. These impressive - and partly rare - shots provide deep insights into the vicissitudes of a city that served again and again as the scene of pan-German history and became a stage for global politics. The videos document historical events at each of the 32 sites over several decades and historical epochs. The app guides you through the era of the German Emperor into the Weimar Republic; from National­ Socialism to Berlin’s post-war ruins; and from the East across the Berlin Wall into an isolated West Berlin - all the way to the city’s reunification.

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Innovative Clip-Format

Via 3-D animation, the user can fly to currently 32 locations in Berlin that are introduced with historical film footage of 4 to 6 minutes duration. A brief teaser introduces the site’s history followed by a more detailed film documentation and commentary on the location’s development over the past century. A "year tab" at the edge of the image shows the user which year or decade is being presented.


Interactive City Guide

Interaktiver City-Guide

WHATWASHERE is a mobile city guide that allows local history buffs and visitors alike to navigate the city to various points of interest via a location-based service on an interactive city map. To help you conveniently reach these historical sites, the app also provides information on how to get there using public transportation. En route, you can read up on the place of interest using the interesting background information provided.  WWH_Berlin is also fully operational when used as an audio guide since all texts are also available as sound files. WHATWASHERE helps you to go on a complete sightseeing tour that is not only inexpensive but – above all – can also be realized independently.


Additional Features and Functions

As an additional feature, the app also lists further visitor attractions in Berlin. WHATWASHERE display museums, memorials and other topic-relevant places located in the vicinity of the historical sites. In the detailed view, users will find worthwhile information on the sights and all pertinent visitor information as well as direct links to the relevant websites. The “Food, Drinks & Hotels” category offers detailed info on recommended restaurants and interesting overnight accommodations for tourists. All localities listed in WHATWASHERE can be filtered using various search options (for example, “in the area“, „from A to Z“or subject matter-based searches). The most popular locations can be saved as favourites. This app is available in German and English versions. Under the menu item "Information/Imprint," users can easily change languages at any time. WHATWASHERE can be used with a WLAN or mobile communications connection. To use the app offline, you must download all audio and video contents completely. When starting the app or changing languages, the user will be asked if he or she wants to download the app contents. Navigation to the historical sites takes place with location-based services and only functions during online use of WHATWASHERE.

Historical Events

Die historischen Ereignisse

There are approximately 150 minutes of film footage that includes countless snapshots from the realm of politics, sports, the arts and culture, as well as portrayals of famous personalities who put their stamp on Berlin in one way or another. Among the highlights are, without a doubt, such great moments in history as the proclamation of the republic from a Reichstag window by Phillip Scheidemann in 1918 and the reunification celebrations by Berliners at Brandenburg Gate. But the app doesn’t stop short of showing the sad, dark chapters of Berlin’s history. The seizure of power by the National Socialists, which was celebrated with a torchlight procession through Brandenburg Gate, and book burnings by the Nazis at Berlin‘s Opernplatz are shown. The app includes countless images from the time the Berlin Wall was erected, including its sad impact on the lives of many city residents. Other highlights include scenes of triumph, for example, the legendary leap to freedom by the young soldier, Conrad Schuhmann, at Bernauer Strasse and the storming of Stasi Headquarters by the liberated GDR citizens’ movement.

Historic Sights

Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, Potsdamer Platz, Wilhelmstraße and Wilhelmplatz, Olympic Stadium, City Palace/Palace of the Republic/State Council of the GDR, Alexanderplatz & TV Tower, Unter den Linden West, Unter den Linden East, Berlin Cathedral & Lustgarten, Ku' Damm, Messegelände – Exhibition Grounds, Avus, Tiergarten, Berlin-Tempelhof Airport, Friedrichstrasse, Schöneberg City Hall, Berlin Sports Palace, Kammergericht Kleistpark (Berlin Court of Appeal), Invalidenstrasse at Hamburger Bahnhof, Bornholmer Str., Bernauer Str., Chaussee-/Liesenstr., Checkpoint Charlie, Lindenstraße/Kochstraße, Karl-Marx-Allee (former Stalinallee),  Stasi Headquaters Normannenstraße, Deutsche Oper (German Opera House), Haus des Rundfunks/Funkturm, Wannsee, Glienicke Bridge, Potsdam  

Features Overview

  • Commented historical footage on all the historic sites via Stream/Download
  • Navigation to 32 historic sites on an interactive Berlin city map
  • Background information on all historical locations for reading and as an audio guideNavigation and detailed content with extensive information about Berlin museums, restaurants and hotels in the immediate vicinity of the historic sites
  • Information on access to public transport
  • The content can be filtered, sorted or reviewed via theme categories
  • Languages: English and German (language switch is available via the imprint of the App)
  • Total run time of history videos: 150 min

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